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In 2009, Antoine Saout hit the headlines by finishing third in the prestigious World Series of Poker main Event in Las Vegas. At 25, this young player originally from Brittany has grown to become one of the best players in the world and had the best performance in the history of French poker. A former computer science student who dropped out of school to play poker, he gained playing experience in a year and a half that propelled him in tournaments as important as there is.

Like many players, Antoine Saout began in freerolls or fun money games, that does not require putting real money. With the victories came more insurance and he started playing games with real money. He accumulated more gains, the more so he believed he could live from poker altogether. At the poker tables, Antoine Saout is known for his self-control, never allowing a glimpse of what he thinks or feels, hence the nickname 'The Iceman'.

With his tight-aggressive play, Antoine Saout has made steady and safe progress. Far from the fast games, he prefers to take time to wait for the right occasion. Behind this lies a very patient player and very technical observer. He also has a good reading of the game, making him a true strategist who knows how to trust himself, once he reads in the behavior of his opponents. He is also known to adapt to different situations during a game and never betrays his poker face. Parties with a small number of chips did not pose a problem tp him, he is still able to gradually increase his stack. At a poker table, he never takes risks when they are not needed, especially in coin flip situations.

Like other French players, Antoine Saout won its participation in the WSOP through a satellite tournament at Everest Poker. These tournaments are designed to sponsor the best players in the site during the WSOP in Las Vegas in exchange for the promotion of Everest Poker. Always with discretion, he progressed linearly, impressing many players with his calm and intelligent play. Looking at the results screen, the French participants then wondered who was hiding under the pseudonym 'Tonio292' on top of the list of French players with 72,000 chips from day one. Even some players on the team did not know Antoine Saout.

The young man was more than an outsider in this edition of the WSOP. Throughout the competition, he ammssed a large number of chips to win. Already for the second day, he came with 200,000 chips. On the fifth day, he reached two million chips and 6 million on the seventh day. This steady growth is obviously the result of his playing flawlessly, which calls for great patience. On the eighth day, the young Antoine was the last French player in contention after the elimination of Ludovic Lacay. Once qualified for the finals of the Main Event, he is now one of the best players in the world who are the nine finalists of the WSOP, the 'November Nine'. By qualifying for the finals, he led all players of Team Everest to share one million dollars. Unfortunately, he lost against the American player Joe Cada and thus ended the third at this great tournament.

At only 26 years, Antoine Saout already has a track record that would make some poker veterans dream. He pocketed in a single tournament more gains that most players see in their career.

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